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Anyone who’s eaten a Greek salad knows that it is not complete without some juicy Kalamata olives, a thick slice of feta cheese sprinkled with fresh aromatic oreganum – last but not least … a rich drizzle of virgin olive oil!!!


Traditional Greek Salad

So, what is so special about this delicious seed-fruit?

Well, let’s start from the tree itself.

The olive tree has always been considered to be … blessed!

It is a symbol of peace among nations!

The branches are made into wreathes to be placed on marathon runners and Olympic games winners.



A twig from an olive tree is given to marathon runners who run the authentic route every November; setting off from Marathon and finishing at the Olympic Stadium.

Runners who are given this twig hold it all the way to the finish – 42.195m!

It makes them feel invincible – godlike.


They will stoop down to pick it up if it falls and take it home where they place it with their finisher’s medal – proud to have achieved a dream; to run the original, ancient route.

An olive tree will yield around 20 litres of olive oil; it is a staple in the Mediterranean diet and evidence of its health benefits are indisputable.

Where in Greece is the best olive oil produced?

It all depends on the way the oil is extracted from the olives.

There are many ways this is done; a stone cold press used centuries ago is still one of them.


photo credit: @robertina

Oil from Crete and Kalamata is considered to be on the top of the list when asked to name the best of the best!

Just picture this!

Thick slices of fresh home-made bread dipped in delicious virgin olive oil …

Are you drooling?

This is the way it is devoured by the locals; mind you, it is a habit adopted my many who visit Greece and have tasted this golden–green nectar of the gods.

Olive oil is also used in cosmetics, medicine and is exported globally.

So, what’s in an olive?

A seed?

A people?

A culture?

A history?

There is so much more than the eye can see …  it all depends on what you are looking for!


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