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Best 3 Wineries to Visit in Greece

Best 3 Wineries to Visit in Greece


We have no idea which wine the god Dionysus preferred to drink, but we are certain that it came from Greece.

The soil, climate and methods of cultivation of the grapes, have a role to play in creating the world’s top wines.

Red wine is said to be most beneficial for our heart; a glass of wine every night will make your ticker last longer and be stronger.

On a diet?

No worries!

A glass of white wine with friends will help you feel like just one of the crowd and most nutritionists actually even recommend a glass a week.

Many years ago before the wine industry in Greece really took off, most households would make their own wine; many still do, especially those living in the countryside.

They buy the grape must in September or early October, from vineyards in or around the area of Messogeia, the Peloponnese or up North – wherever they can travel to find some of the finest varieties of grapes growing.

The grape must is poured into large oak or even stainless steel barrels and kept in cellars where it is cool and humid.

The wine is left to mature and around Christmas, it is ready.

Different varieties of must are mixed together according to the wine-maker’s preference.  If you have no idea of how to go about it, the actual farmer will enthusiastically share all his knowledge with you and suggest which varieties of grape must, are to be mixed together so as to achieve the desired taste.

Of course it is a matter of trial and error most times but the joy and pride that goes into creating your own particular label, is great!

Great vineyards which have now been taken over by the younger generation have evolved into some of the country’s best wineries and have opened their doors not only for wine tasting, but also as a venue for events such as wedding receptions, corporate events, and others.

Tours are held which inform visitors of how wine used to be made in the past and how things have changed now.

Moreover, ways of distillation and maturation of different labels and advice on how to store wine at home is given.

The whole science of creating, storing and enjoying a glass of wine is beyond one’s imagination.

You really have to visit one of these wineries to realize the magnificence of this divine nectar.



Whether you are already a wine lover or not, it makes no difference!

Once in Greece, you just have to visit one of the top three wineries and experience something just out of this world.

A trip to Nemea and to Domain Bairaktaris would be quite an experience.  T

ry the Savatiano and let it blow your senses!  The vineyard spreads out for as far as the eye can see – the people who own the vineyard are most hospitable and warm.

Enjoy a tour of the winery and taste the different wines they produce.  You can find more information on .  Book your visit in advance.

Another great winery in the Peloponnese would be Domain Panayiotopoulos in Messenia.

There is so much sightseeing to do in the area – you could finish off with a visit to the winery for an amazing wine tasting experience and tour of the winery.

Walk through the vines and hear the breeze whistling through the endless rows of vines. Contact Mr. Panayiotopoulos and pre-arrange your visit at

If time is limited or if you do not wish to travel too far out of Athens, a great winery would be Papagiannakos Winery in Markopoulo.

An excellent winery and vineyard to visit for a unique wine-tasting experience.

Mr. Papagiannakos, your host will do his utmost to give you all the information you need to know about his wines and methods of production.

You can arrange your visit through .

Some varieties – you will not only want to taste – but to take home with you. 

Some of these are: Moschofilero, Agiorgitiko, Malagousia, Savatiano and Mavrodaphne.

So, as they say in Greece … Στην Υγειά Σου!  (Stin iyia soo)

Cheers to you!

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