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3 Reasons To Try This Greek Dessert And 3 More!!!

3 Reasons To Try This Greek Dessert And 3 More!!!


Did you know that strained Greek yoghurt served with a generous amount of local honey, topped with coarsely chopped walnuts is the number one dessert in Greece?

It is claimed to have great aphrodisiac properties; the goddess Aphrodite takes full credit for this of course.

When you eat out at a traditional tavern, this delicious dessert is often offered on the house.  If it’s not offered for free, then it is surely on the menu for you to order.

Don’t miss it!!!

The most aphrodisiac dessert – yoghurt with honey and walnuts

Not only is it scrumptious, it will certainly get your hormones rushing and that tingle you feel is all this dessert’s doing!!!

If your dinner companion insists that a nice yoghurt with honey and walnuts would be a wonderful idea …. You know what’s on his/ her mind…. Trust me!

This is no innocent suggestion ….

Greek strained yoghurt is most popular around the world.  Many countries import it and its nutritional value is an undeniable fact.

Thick Greek Strained Yoghurt

It is so thick, it can be ‘cut’ using a knife – almost like a very soft white cheese.  Its calcium content makes it ideal for children and women going through their mid-life crisis.  It builds strong bones in children and deters osteoporosis in menopausal women.

The local honey topping is compared to the ambrosia of the gods ….

There are many different varieties: blossom honey, pine honey, wild flower honey, etc. The darker varieties are usually thicker and have a fuller flavor.

Walnuts are said to be good for your brain – the shape of the walnut is often compared to that of the human brain.

The benefits of consuming walnuts are great….

Brain super food|!!!

Other sweets to try while in Greece are:

Walnut pie (karidopita) – Yes! Walnuts again!!!

This is a delicious walnut cake to which aromatic syrup (cloves & cinnamon) is poured over it and let to seep in.

It is preferably served with a generous ball of vanilla ice-cream.

Walnut Pie served with Vanilla ice-cream

Thessaloniki triangles (trigona Thessalonikis) – this is the local specialty of the 2nd main city of Greece, Thessaloniki.

Pastry triangular sachets filled with the most scrumptious cream.

Take my word for it – it’s worth visiting Thessaloniki to try the original version.

You can find them in Athens too, but the ones from the area Panorama in Thessaloniki are unbeatable!

The traditional trigona Thessalonikis

Baklava – Now who hasn’t heard of … baklava?  It’s even mentioned and served in the popular film, “My big fat Greek Wedding”.

This is a traditional sweet but with its origins from the East.

Many layers of thin pastry, one over the other with a filling made from walnuts, cinnamon, cloves, etc.

Aromatic syrup is poured over the baked baklava and let to seep whilst drawing in all the flavor.


The sweet shops or confectionaries in Greece are unbeatable!

Believe me, even if you do not have a sweet tooth, the selection and presentation of all the sweets will tempt you to try at least one.


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