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What is it that makes people who have never in their lives done any sport, suddenly go and join a gym or register for a race of some kind?  There can be a number of reasons.  By joining a gym, one becomes more social, meets more real people in a time when we are all stuck behind a screen and only virtually communicate via messages and social networking pages.

Perhaps we suddenly realize that we only have one body and we ought to care for it in order to enjoy life to the fullest.

The market is bombarded with health drinks, super foods, supplements to make us become almost … super human!  So, what is it that makes a couch potato want to become a super athlete? The answer lies somewhere in the middle – we all need to get out more and become more health conscious – fitter!!!!

I have always admired people who ran long distances.  Driving along the beach road on my way home, I often saw people jogging or running.  I admired them so much that I one day decided to … instead of envying them, to join them!

Running is therapy!  It has cured many people suffering from depression and anxiety, not to mention obesity.

It all starts with – making a decision – the decision to turn your life around and make it better.  With so many races scheduled throughout the year, there is certainly one that you can register for.

If running is too challenging for you, try walking, power-walking and slowly build it up to a slow jog before speeding to a run.

What’s important is that you MOVE!!!

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