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If you are travelling to Greece with your offspring, you should consider it to be a great opportunity to enrich your child’s knowledge and offer it all the riches of a country with a very rich history.

How do I keep my child busy while also enjoying myself?

  • There are a multitude of things to do together and make the most of your visit. Consider a visit to the Children’s Museum and arrange for a hands-on experience for your child.  Undoubtedly, your child will walk out with a big smile and a whole lot of knowledge.

  • Never be without coloring books and crayons! There are many bookshops where you can find a coloring book with images of the different sights, gods, etc. I am sure your child will enjoy coloring in these pictures and remember them, especially if you also manage to visit a few of the sights depicted in the coloring book.  Visit Public Bookshop at Syntagma Square where you will find a wide variety of such books, plus more.
  • As a mother myself, I have always found playdough an amazing way to keep my little ones busy. They love creating different objects and a great idea would be to give them a little project to do, like creating a town; they’d have to make cars, buildings, trees, etc. Believe me, it is amazing!
  • Never be without finger paint! After a nice day at the beach, let the children paint their original ideas onto nice flat pebbles they’ve collected.  They can even offer the pebbles as gifts to friends.  I still have a lovely painted pebble which I use as a paper weight on my desk.

  • If you are the type of person who does more sunbathing than swimming, don’t worry! Carry a small inflatable swimming pool with you and after you’ve inflated it, have the children go back and forth with pails of water to fill the pool.  Once you’ve had your fun and games together in the sea, let them carry on in the pool while you soak up the sun and relax while reading your book.
  • Care for an indoor or outdoor playground? Just do a Google search for one closest to your hotel and off you go.  They are quite the trend these days!  There are young girls and boys who keep an eye on the children as they play while you can enjoy your coffee in peace without feeling guilty that you are neglecting your child.  They have such great fun that they forget you’re around.  They socialize with other children and it is indeed amazing how language is not a barrier for youngsters!


Travelling with children can indeed be a most rewarding time for the family!  Flights are offering great discounts for families travelling to Europe; take advantage of it and visit the land of culture, democracy, gods, beaches and the legendary Greek Hospitality.

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