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So you’ve decided to make Greece your new home.  Great choice!  However, allow me to give you a piece of advice; DO NOT, under any circumstances start comparing your home country to your new one.   Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to life in Greece.  I learnt this the hard way when I moved here from South Africa.  The day I stopped comparing, that’s when I started fitting in and enjoying it.

Greeks are a species of their own.  You smile at them, they think you’re crazy.  You don’t … they think you’re rude. Well, it is a lot better now and people are more open-minded – thank goodness for that!

Your first job is to find a suitable place to stay.  You can either rent or buy.  Contact a Real Estate company like Remax and allow them to help you find lodgings.  I recommend something close to a metro station or even a bus stop so that you can get around easier without spending an arm and a leg going to and from work every day.

You might consider buying or leasing a car once you’ve become more acquainted with the roads and Greek drivers – they can be quite reckless at times!  If leasing is what you settle for, a very reliable company is Avis – I’ve been using it for years and highly recommend it.

Once you’ve moved into your house, you’ll definitely need a few things like a bed, sofa, electrical appliances etc.  Your best bet would be IKEA – a great variety of everything a house needs at reasonable prices.  Another would be Diafano – nice modern pieces you’ll fall in love with.

Since you’ve now settled in, you need to see to an electricity and phone company – the choice is yours.  You can get different quotes from the many private telecommunications companies – see which package best suits your needs.  It’s usually worthwhile getting a mobile and landline package with internet.  Companies like: Vodaphone, Cosmote and Wind are the most popular.   As far as electricity is concerned, the national provider DEY is quite costly.  I strongly recommend a private company like Allazorevma – for a quarter of the price.


Finally, a good idea is to make sure you meet your neighbors – a good neighbor is very important.   They can be a great asset; help you get to know the neighborhood and also keep an eye on your apartment when you’re away.


If you intend to get a pet, make sure that the apartment block’s regulations allow for one.  There are so many animal shelters which you can visit to find a pet and offer it a home.   A visit to a major pet shop like Pet City is then necessary for all your new companion will need.  Jumbo is also a great place to visit for accessories for your new pet.  Mind you, at Jumbo you can find many items necessary for your new lodgings and at a very reasonable price too.

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