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New Year – New Hope

New Year – New Hope

Happy New Year to all my readers!!!

This is the beginning of a new era!

It is totally up to us to make it an extraordinary year and fill its pages with the brightest of colors.

The Covid-19 pandemic is coming to a close and people the world over are eagerly expecting their lives to get back to normal – whatever “normal” means to everyone.

Mankind became isolated and virtual reality became the norm for over 10 months!!!

Online shopping, online education, online this and online that ….  THAT is certainly NOT normal.

We have been made to touch, feel and express ourselves, and it cannot be successfully done in a virtual world.

I feel the need though, to say that had it not been for this isolation or lockdown, we would not have become grateful of all the simple things which we all took for granted.

People who couldn’t boil an egg have become gourmet cooks.

Family members have discovered each other; having to stay home with them was most enlightening.

Others, who didn’t know how to switch on a computer, are now amazingly tech-savvy and have embraced this marvel of technology.

A drive along the beach, a walk to the mountains, and a stroll along the promenade … gifts indeed.  Simple pleasures having a massive impact on our lives!!!

We have all become a bit humbler towards the magnificence of Mother Nature.

Many lives were lost and many are unfortunately still hanging from a thread, balancing between life and death.  This is the cruel reality of the Coronavirus pandemic.  We cannot turn the clock back to change anything, but we can look ahead towards a bright and full of hope future for all.

The vaccine is already out and being administered to some very courageous people; not enough testing has been carried out in my opinion.  However, I truly hope that the side effects will not be greater and more fatal than the virus itself.


Never before has a New Year been welcomed with such anticipation and hope as 2021!!!

Let’s all pray for a better year for mankind and the planet as a whole.

Let’s all forget the bad times and experiences we had and focus only on whatever good has come of it all.

Happy New Year

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