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How do you make a Greek stay home?

This is just no easy task!  Greeks have “OPA” running through their veins instead of blood.

Music, outings, picnics, walks on the beach or in the mountains, dancing, clubbing and … the list goes on.

But so does this deadly virus!

This is not going to end if we keep disregarding all warnings to stay-at-home to kill the virus.

It feeds on people; if there are no people to nourish it … it will inevitably shrink and die.



From the first week after COVID-19 struck Greece, schools were instructed to send kids home for two weeks.

“How wonderful!” everyone thought; the kids went absolutely crazy with joy.

School breaking up in the middle of the school year! 

How naïve of us all to think that we could just have a break and have fun.

Who would have thought that this was the beginning of a new era … the age of the “capsule”?

We have all isolated ourselves in our homes, keeping away from everyone. 


People will soon be suffering from a psychological disease called anthropophobia; panic strikes when someone gets too close to us.

We are instructed to keep a three meter distance from each other at supermarkets and queues at banks and other public areas.

If anyone accidentally touches someone … all hell breaks loose!

“Oh my God!  I’m infected!” are the thoughts rushing into our minds.


We are instructed to stay at home and if possible, work from home.

Is this so bad?

Some would argue that this new situation has lead to families reinventing their relationship.

The Greek family which was once a solid unit, had with time become nothing more than people sharing the same building and having almost no personal contact with each other.

People who are too busy to give each other the time of day … a very sad situation.

With the self-isolation situation, siblings are discovering each other, couples are finally talking … or even arguing; nothing bad about it – it’s called … communication.



The news on TV and the radio batter us with updates on the death toll everyday, giving us little hope of a vaccine being found to put an end to this “blood thirsty” virus.

New announcements, new restrictions are set on a daily basis … yet the dead keep piling up; there is little or no hope of the situation changing soon.

The whole world counts victims every few minutes leaving scientists  baffled.

What can they do to stop this?

When will COVID-19 leave Greece?

This is becoming too depressing a situation.



Well, by going back to the original Greek culture … “OPA”!

Music therapy … dancing … sharing jokes and laughing together.

The bottom line is that we have to fight this dark period with fun, joy, laughter and the Greek culture as we have always known it to be … jolly!!!


“How do I keep busy within four walls?”


How do we do anything successfully?

We plan!

Every morning, make a To Do list for yourself or create one together with the family by brainstorming ideas.  This in itself can be a lot of fun.

If you plan your day, you will find that 24 hours is just not long enough … you will not get bored.

I guarantee you that!

If you live alone, then register for an online course you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time before.

Now, you have time to spare … don’t waste it.

Sure, social-networking is great but how about something more productive?

Can’t go to the gym, can you?

Download an application and work out in your living room.

No weights?

No problem!

Lift items you have in your house – just make sure you don’t break a family heirloom.

Do crunches, sit-ups, push-ups, running on the spot, lunges, skipping, etc.

You can find so much on the internet to help you create the best work out session ever.

Learn to cook!

With our very busy lifestyle, we have little or no time to spend in the kitchen experimenting with recipes and preparing meals.

Now is the time!

Take advantage of this isolation period.

I know it feels awful at times – it seems like some invisible hand has just pressed the “pause” button on our lives.

It is just a … pause… it’s not forever.

No matter how hard it is for the Greek people to conform to this new situation, it is without doubt vital for us all to do as advised.

It’s the only solution!

Stay home!  Stay safe!


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