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Coronavirus – Kill Self-Isolation Boredom!

Coronavirus – Kill Self-Isolation Boredom!

Fight the depression of staying at Home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We are a weird lot!

How many times have I, personally said that I’d love to just stay home and do nothing?

Now that we have to stay home, we all want to go out …

Staying home doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing … feeling depressed … locked up … imprisoned in your own home.

There are a number of things we can all do to kill time and stay safe whilst at the same time not putting anyone else in danger.



One thing we can do is spring clean your house.

This is also a great way of getting rid of germs and in some way sanitizing your area.

Declutter!  Open your wardrobes and clear out what you don’t need or could do without.  The season is changing and it is actually about time we all got busy doing just that!

Go through books and magazines – see what you don’t need and recycle.

Learn how to cook.  You have all the time in the world to experiment in the kitchen.  Get on the internet and follow a step by step recipe … see how easy it’s done.

Get to know one another in the house if you’re living with a family; we are usually too busy at work to give them the time of day.   Play a board game, cards, talk, anything… just get social.


Living alone?  No problem!  The social network is a great platform to meet your friends for coffee and a chat.

Organise group video chats and enjoy each other’s company while at the same time keeping to the self-isolation measures for coronavirus.

Photo by Tyler Nix

Read books!  Feel what it’s like to “travel” to another world; a world free of viruses and relax the good old fashioned way.


Study!  If you are not a student with so many study obligations, then go ahead and sign up for an online course.

Learn something new or enhance your knowledge on something you’re interested in.




It is so easy to fall into depression and get all worked up.  It is not your fault and nobody else in your family is to blame for this situation.

Be kind and understanding to one another.

We are all going through it and we need to be patient and compassionate.

Couples fight over trivial things, siblings too while children take it out on their parents by being abrupt and even rude at times.

Everyone is trying to handle the situation.  Let’s all try and remember this.

Practice patience and it will soon be over.  Once it is over, we will want to spend time at home … it’s a crazy cycle!

Coronavirus is here to stay but scientists are working on a way to control it.


Be patient!  Keep calm and stay at home! 


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