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Valentine’s Day on the 14th February and most countries are still under lockdown. 

What do you intend to do?


Absolutely Not!!!

We should all celebrate LOVE every single day of the year.

Valentine’s Day is just that one special day to commemorate this special feeling.

A celebration of the heart … the day to shout out to the world that you’re in love.


So what?

Love yourself!

Pamper yourself!

You are special and worthy of love!

Celebrate that joy of being you and being fine about it.

What do you do when you can’t go out and celebrate in the normal way  – whatever normal is?

Here are some ideas to celebrate LOVE! 

Choose what works for you and your special other half.

1.  Cook something special and have a nice romantic dinner for two in your dining room. Candles and music a must.  Dress up for the occasion and be daring … forget the undies or wear edible ones.

2.  Prepare and serve him/her breakfast in bed. Wake him/her up with a bunch of Red roses and chocolates.  Don’t forget to write a lovely card expressing your love.

3. Home Spa! Pamper your love with a lovely bubble bath with floating red rose petals.  Candles (use tea lights and space them around the tub)  Play soft relaxation music or your favorite love songs.  A lovely gift would be a fluffy bath-robe with his/her initials embroidered on it.  Wear an identical one and join him/her in the bath-tub.  Two glasses and a bottle of bubbly.  Special treat … a nice massage with essential oils and whatever follows…

4. Weather permitting – a picnic in the garden or terrace. Finger food and lots of bubbly and roses of course.  Music in the background and why not … dance to it under the stars.

5.  Indoor picnic with all the above. Lead your love to the picnic spot by leaving single roses along the way.  Another idea is to write love messages on white pebbles and have him/her follow them.

Lockdown or not, we can celebrate our love in any number of ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day To All!!!

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