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10 Basic tips to Survive the Heatwave!!!

10 Basic tips to Survive the Heatwave!!!

 Okay… so it’s summer!

Stop complaining about the high temperatures and learn how to cope successfully. (Yes!  It CAN be done!!!)

The last week of June brought with it soaring temperatures of over 38°C …

This is going to carry on for a few days still before the thermometer starts dropping a few degrees.  Still … it’s summer, and we have all been waiting for it, longing for it … expecting it ….

So ….. why all the fuss now?

There are some basic things one can do to cope:

  1. Dress in light colors and loose clothing … forget about the tights and tight-fitting dresses.

2.  Always protect your skin by wearing sunscreen; not only at the beach but all day long.

3.  Wear good sunglasses; protect your eyes. Also, wear a hat or make the difference and hold a parasol – so chic!

4.  Drink lots of water!!! Never be without a bottle of water … Flavor your water with a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh mint if you like.  I love filling a glass with flavored water and lots of ice-cubes.

5.  Have your main meal after sunset when it’s cooler. Still, keep away from spicy food, red sauces and fried food.

6.  Eat light meals; salads preferably. Add some protein and make a meal out of them.  White beans, lentils, chickpeas, red broad beans or hard-boiled eggs.


7.   Eat fruit! My favorite is watermelon which is basically 97% water – the king of summer fruit!

photo: @rens23


8.   Limit exercise during the hottest hours – midday till around five o’ clock.

9.  Take frequent cool showers or dips into a bathtub to lower your body temperature.

And finally …

10.  Stop complaining and enjoy it!

Happy Summer!




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