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Two days in Athens!!!

Two days in Athens!!!

Making the most of a weekend  or any two days in Athens.

To see Athens in two days is impossible but when this is all the time you have here, then we can make the most of it.

Many people visit Athens on business; many investors are discovering Greece as a great and profitable destination.

Being on a business trip does not allow for a lot of sightseeing and what a pity it is to visit this country and only see your hotel room?

Take this opportunity even if you’ll need to change your flight and take the last one out.

Day One

On the first free day you have, take the metro and get off at the Acropolis station.  A lovely walk along the paved walkway right up the Acropolis Hill would be quite an amazing challenge; it is slippery since the stairs are marble, so wear rubber sole shoes or trainers.

Apart from the Parthenon, you will also see the Erechtheion, the theatre of Dionysos, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and so much more.

A great idea would be to hire a certified guide to give you all the information about everything you see; otherwise buy a book and you can read about it later.

My personal advice though would be to ask a guide to show you around.

The New Acropolis Museum

After a full morning on the Acropolis hill, you might want to visit the Acropolis museum.  There is a restaurant in the building where you can have something to drink or even a snack to eat.  Don’t eat lunch there though.  I suggest you have lunch at a more traditional tavern in Plaka or Monastiraki.  Visit Bairaktaris Tavern at the end of Mitropoleos street.  It’s been around since 1879 and they sure know their gyro and souvlaki!!!  It’s a simple setting but it’s traditional and it’s what you want!

Greek Pitta With Gyro

Back to the hotel now for a nice rest.

Late afternoon, coffee and baklava at Kolonaki square.  This is the upscale shopping area in the center.

It is at the foot of the Lycabetus Hill.

You might even have a view of it from your hotel.

If not, you have definitely seen it when you were at the Acropolis in the morning.

It’s the high hill with the white Chapel at the top.

St. George Lycabetus Chapel

That is St. George’s Chapel.

Many weddings take place there and end up having the receptions at the St. George’s Lycabetus Hotel or The Grande Bretagne Hotel; both with a lot of history to them.

Baklava for Dessert!!!

Day Two

Arrange a drive along the Athens Riviera right up to the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.  This would be better to visit in the afternoon and better still at sunset.  They say that watching the sunset through the pillars of the temple of Poseidon is spectacular.

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

If you’d like to be a bit more adventurous on Day Two, I can also suggest you take a cab to Piraeus and get a boat to one of the islands of the Saronic Gulf; Aegina, Poros or Hydra.  You can spend the day there and get back late afternoon.

If you like the idea of a cruise to all three, then book a three-island cruise to the Saronic Gulf islands and see them all.  You’ll be on a lovely boat and also enjoy lunch and a traditional entertainment program all in one.

The Port of Hydra

So, whether it is a business trip or a pleasure one, you can still have the time of your life!!!  Travelling to Greece is always an experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to Greece!

P.S Drop me a line at and I will be happy to send you contact names of guides, cabs, boat companies, 3-island cruise company, etc.

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