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Take some of Greece home!

Take some of Greece home!

Take some of Greece home …

This was the initial thought of the person behind Hamac del Sol.

What he did though, was to take it a step further and turn it into a very, profitable business.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a Greek Hammock of supreme quality swaying at a villa in South Africa.

The quality and finesse was outstanding.

I looked into the company which manufactures them and found that they make them in Latin America, from cotton of outstanding quality and only biodegradable materials.

I fell in love with these works of art which pay homage to my country …  Greece.

These hammocks are made on a loom in Nicaragua and stand out for their beauty.

Craftsman at work on a loom.

They are one meter wide and open, making it possible to decorate them with cushions or small blankets.

I felt so proud and happy to find such beautifully designed hammocks in a country other than Greece.

Needless to say, I immediately checked out their website: and read more about this great innovation.

Hamac del Sol exports to countries around the globe and it’s worth checking out their wide variety of designs.

After a visit to Greece, one just needs to take something back with them; what’s better than a hammock?

Swaying in one with the blue and white colors of Greece, daydreaming of the time spent in the land of the gods… I swear you can even hear the waves as they wash ashore.

Greece – Sun – Sea …and …. Hamac del Sol!!!




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