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Pythagorean Greed Cup – A lesson to learn!

Pythagorean Greed Cup – A lesson to learn!

There are many expressions which puzzle us; more so as to their origin – how they came to exist and who coined them.

Well, one expression which I have pondered upon and have recently discovered its logic, or I should say … its origin is: “all in moderation”.

Whatever we do,  if it is within reason, it is acceptable so long as we don’t overdo it.

If it’s the consumption of food or alcohol we’re talking about, the same applies.

If it is feelings we are considering, again … we should not go overboard but within reason.

In short, all in moderation applies if not everywhere, then certainly in most cases.

The Greeks are often behind such expressions and we are all aware of how much the ancient Greeks have contributed to so many things we say and do today.

It starts off with a certain goblet (cup) from ancient Greece; the cup of greed.

Pythagora, the ancient philosopher/mathematician from the island of Samos designed a cup that if you fill it to just a wee bit over the designated line, it empties out from the inside.

You should never fill a glass right to the brim!

Nothing should be over the top – feelings, needs, desires should all be contained within reason … otherwise you stand to lose everything!!!

Greed is a sin and does no-one any good.

Pythagoras designed it in 6BC to control the amount of wine people consumed.

It was unwise to fill the glass more than they should as they ended up losing all its contents.

He wanted to teach his students the art of discipline and control; and he succeeded in doing so with this goblet.

Pythagorean Cup

In the center of the goblet there is a tube with a line showing the level up to which it should be filled.

All it takes is one extra drop of fluid before it all gets sucked out and lost.

In this day and age of over consumerism, I truly believe we could all be taught a lesson or two by considering the Pythagorean cup.

Lesson to be learnt?  If you want too much … you stand to lose EVERYTHING!!!

In other words … All in Moderation!!!


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