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The Rugged Beauty of the MANI PENINSULA

The Rugged Beauty of the MANI PENINSULA

Driving to MANI!!!

Driving 290kms from the capital, Athens, you find yourself captured by the spectacular beauty of the rugged landscape of Mani.

The architecture is unique as are its people.

Don’t be fooled by their severity; they have a heart of gold and as long as you respect their culture and home … you have a friend for life.

The houses are straight blocks built with stone mostly and naturally camouflaged by their surroundings.

They are built in this manner, as in the past, pirates used to raid the area and in this way, their access into the Mani households was made almost impossible.

MOUNTAIN VS. SEA … Rugged and Stunning!!!

The mountainous landscape is breathtaking; it overpowers the modest stone houses which are traditionally furnished and cozy.

Mani hospitality is like no other; warm and hearty … a strong and open embrace!

Thick vegetation covers the mountains and pine trees reaching for the sky are as far as the eye can see.

I didn’t know where to look first as I drove along the wide and very well-maintained winding road; the sea to the right or the mountains on the left … Mani combines both!!!

This wild, rugged beauty makes us all easy bait; once you visit Mani … you are most likely to return.

Marmari Beach

It’s easy to lose your sense of direction as this beauty surrounding you mesmerizes you and lures you to delve deeper and deeper …

And mind you … the deeper you look, the more beauty you discover.

It’s hard writing about Mani.

There is just so much to say; where does one begin from?

I’ll just give you the froth … you need to visit this place for yourself and just confirm everything and a bit more!!!



Some popular destinations are:

Stoupa – if you’re looking for young, lively entertainment and sandy beaches.  Stoupa would be ideal.  I consider it the more ‘touristy’ place in Mani.

Limeni – this place is just stunning!!!  If you love hiking, nature and swimming, Limeni is for you.  Quaint little taverns serving traditional goodies are everywhere; make sure to ask for their specialties. You won’t be disappointed.

Marmari – The wild, rugged beauty in all its glory!!!  Seeing is believing so, nothing you read about or hear about will do it justice.  Book your accommodation well in advance if you want to experience this awesome place.

Areopoli – A most beautiful little village which is definitely worth stopping at, for a cup of coffee before you head off for home.




Generally speaking, hotels and apartments or B&Bs are available all year round but make sure you book ahead so as to have the choice of place and facilities you require.

Without a doubt, Mani has become the Hotspot for many locals and foreigners alike; it caters for all!!!


Before you leave the Mani Peninsula, make sure to buy some Virgin Olive oil, olives, honey, herbs, etc. to take home to your loved ones and friends.



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