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Bravo Greece!!!

Bravo Greece!!!

Praise for Greece and her successful return to normality is echoed not only inland but throughout the world!

People craving for some Grecian sun and hospitality are celebrating the world over; they are booking flights and accommodation like there’s no tomorrow.

Taking a long drive along the beachfront from Lagonisi to Sounion, I could not believe my eyes!

photo credit: greeka

I was thrilled and proud to see so many people adhering to the regulations of a bit of a distance between one another on the beaches.

I always believed the Greeks to be a more ‘relaxed’ nation when restrictions were placed, however, it seems that being under lock-down for so long, has really made us all become more appreciative and if I may say … more law-abiding.

Personally, I do not believe in all this sterilization … we need microbes to boost our immune system.  I will not go into that, however; I prefer to let the experts talk about such issues.

photo credit:@dgw_unsplash

In a week’s time, restaurants and bars will also be opening and our lives will get back to normal – whatever that might mean for everyone.

It is now up to the individual to act in a mature and responsible manner; hopefully we will not have to suffer another lock-down and social distancing will only be a dark memory for us all.

May this summer be the winter of our discontent – if I may quote Richard III – the end of a miserable first quarter of 2020!

We look forward to opening our doors and hearts to you all – lovers of Greece!

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