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Doors are opening again and staff at Greek hotels are polishing their best smiles, all in readiness to offer visitors what’s known as Greek Philoxenia – also referred to as … Hospitality.

This art of offering hospitality goes down to the time of Homer and even way back to Mythology.  It is undoubtedly a skill with a bold Greek signature!

Philoxenia is a compound word – philo (friend) and xenia (stranger).  A person remains a stranger until you befriend him.  How to do that?  But of course by showing kindness, offering him comfort, food and drink – philoxenia!


During Homer’s time, it was inconceivable and against the law not to take in a traveler, offer him shelter, food, a bath, wine and a gift upon his departure.  Nobody was to turn their back to a weary traveler. No questions were asked; the person revealed his identity only if and when he wished to.

The art or skill of great hospitality has indeed changed over the years; times change and it is inevitable. However, the concept remains the same and nowhere in the world is a traveler accepted with more respect and open-heartedness than in Greece.

Greece is finally opening its doors and arms to the world after being forced to turn its back to people wishing to visit this Sacred place.  Taking the steep walk up the Acropolis to visit the temple of temples … The Parthenon is a dream for so many.  Finally, the time has come when we have this pandemic under control and we can travel again.  The monuments, museums, history, splendid restaurants, traditional taverns and inviting beaches are all expecting you this summer.  The sun in Greece shines 365 days a year and warms the hearts of everyone … so … pack your bags and book your tickets.


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