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Englesonisi … Stranded in … Paradise!!!

Englesonisi … Stranded in … Paradise!!!

Chalkida, which is roughly 80 km away from Athens is worth visiting, not only for its amazing fish taverns but also because it’s the way to reach … Englesonisi … meaning – the Englishman’s island!!!

Now why on Earth would an island be called that?

Well, in 1930, an English archaeologist, famous for having unearthed a human skull dating 200.000 years old, decided to build his house on this deserted island.

Sadly, the house was bombed down during the Second World War.

It’s owner passed away in Egypt in 1941 – he was 40 years old and presumably fighting.

To this day, nobody lives there – it is totally deserted, except for a Chapel built in honor of St. Nicholas.  There is a sermon at the Chapel every year on the 9th May.

The bombing of the island destroyed all fauna and flora and left it bare.  It wasn’t long before it flourished once again becoming greener than ever before.

Why visit Englesonisi?

Small boats take people across to the island to visit the 3 spectacular sandy beaches.

It’s an excellent day trip and leaves one feeling so relaxed yet rejuvenated.

The lush vegetation, the sound of the waves lapping ashore, seagulls screaming overhead, the soft golden sand tickling your toes, the crystal clear water to dive into ….

How many more reasons do you need?

How do I get there?

All you need to do is drive to Chalkida.  Then, from Drossia beach at Chalkida you get one of the many boats taking visitors across to the island.  Just make sure you know what time the return trip is … not that I would mind being stranded there …

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