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Some places are good to visit in summer or winter – they’re called summer or winter holiday destinations.  Greece most certainly does not fall into that category; there’s always a reason to visit.  All you need to do is to log into

aegean.air and check out the budget dates they announce throughout the year.  Then, check out what there is to do and see on these pages and plan your trip.  If you feel you need help, then drop us a line and we’ll do our best to plan your visit – tailored to your taste.

January is the month straight after the holidays and everyone is excited about what the New Year will bring. Sometimes, we don’t have to wait for time to bring us something – we need to go and get it!  But then again – that is clearly my philosophy!

Greeks celebrate a Saint almost every day of the year.  On the 6th we celebrate Epiphany – the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.  Under almost any weather conditions, the priests go out to the waterfront and throw a Cross into the water, blessing the sea.  Many people, men usually, jump into the sea to catch the Cross – it’s a huge blessing to do so, especially if you are the one to get to get to the Cross first.  In places inland, a lake or a river will do.

In areas where there is no sea, lake or river within walking distance, the priest just blesses some water in a big container and the members of the congregation either drink some, or wet their forehead, thus cleansing themselves of sin and get blessed as well.  Every part of the country celebrates in a unique way; it is very interesting to hear about the origins of each different way they celebrate.

On the 7th of January, it is St. John’s Day – that is a very common name in Greece and there is hardly a family which does not have, not one, but many Johns to celebrate.  They treat their friends to a sweet and it is a great honor to be remembered by friends and family.  Mind you, Name days are much more important to Greeks than birthdays.

Arachova – photo by:

If you find yourself in Greece during the winter months – you really can’t miss visiting one of the many ski resorts.  Arachova is quite close – about a 2,5hour drive from Athens and near the archaeological site of Delphi.  There are a number of hotels you can book into – check out to make your accommodation arrangements.

A good thing about visiting Greece during the winter is that prices are lower since it is not considered to be high season.  However, as I’ve mentioned above, there is always a reason to visit this beautiful country.

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