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You’ve come to Greece in the hope of making a new life for yourself and you’ve been searching for that job which will help you make a decent living, but also offer you the chance to stay in Greece.  It’s not the easiest thing to land the job of your dreams  – so DON’T MESS UP!!!

You’ve decided on what to wear right down to the tiniest detail.  You’ve also mentally prepared yourself to answer all possible questions the interviewer might ask.

With all that out of the way, you decide to go out and grab a bite, perhaps a tiny celebration for even getting as far as being called in for an interview.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you order steak or lamb chops with a massive blob of tzatziki on the side; you’ll be tempted to dip into that yummy side dish and… believe me you will be kept at more than arms’ length away!!!

Tzatziki is loaded with garlic and it doesn’t only keep vampires away, it keeps everybody away!!! 

Another dish you should refrain from devouring is – pita bread, stuffed with that juicy, scrumptious gyro that makes your mouth water only at the sight of it!  KEEP AWAY!  It too, is full of onion and tzatziki – stinky! Stinky! Stinky!  Take a rain check and enjoy it AFTER you’ve landed the job!

Even though Bastourma is originally Egypt, Greeks love it!  If you like spicy food, you should try it.  It’s bought either sliced or in sausage form – that would be called soutzouki!  Both are “deadly” – Cumin and garlic loaded make both a No-No!!!

Skordalia (garlic sauce) is another delicious sauce served with fish – cod usually – and should be avoided at all costs.  Apart from making you drowsy – you can’t get rid of that garlic smell, even by chewing a whole pack of spearmint gum.

Last but not least, do keep away from Fasolada!!!  This is the traditional bean soup which is absolutely delicious; it will bloat you up though and make you want to release air – you’ll try your best not to of course and that will make you feel very, very uncomfortable.  Your interviewer will see you shifting in your seat, perspiring and losing your words because of all your discomfort. However, he will think it’s incompetence and stress making you behave this way – two qualities we do not want our employees to have!

So, if you really want to land that longed-for position, take my advice and keep away from these dishes until after the interview.

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